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Dallas Pride Parade

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On September 17th, the LGBT community and supporters came out and marched down the streets of Dallas for the annual pride parade 

and festival. At the start of the event, many attendees gathered around covered from head to toe in Rainbow gear, and began to chant while the crowd heavily cheered. “All for love and love for all” they chanted.

As the parade floats went by, they would throw several kinds of unique little gifts, ranging from bags of chips to colorful beads. Standing to the side were vendors, church groups, and many food stands, some who were giving out free water.

People from Florida and further, of different races and ethnicities, of all ages from young to old, gathered to show their diversity.

Ryan, 19, from Austin, who was marching in the parade next to his boyfriend, Alex, said “I am very happy to have a community in which to feel like I can be myself and not be afraid to show my true colors,” he said as him and his boyfriend happily held hands.

Rosa, 22, from Houston, said that this year was her first year attending, but at first debated whether to come or not.  “I felt like it wasn’t something I would be interested in, and I would maybe get judged,” she said. Rosa then added that she was surprised how much positivity and love was being spread, Immediately she knew she had misjudged.

One older couple said that pride was not just any event of some sort, but that it’s a fun way to


express yourself and it represents how far the LGBT community has gotten with all the advances.

Erick, 19, from Dallas, said that he is proud to to be himself, to be who he is as an individual person on this earth. “I’m just happy that I am someone who can show other people that it’s okay to wake up every morning and show everyone exactly who you are, whether it be Gay, Straight, or bi, be you.”

“I’m proud I live in a society where people who are LGBT, don’t have to be ashamed anymore, but instead can go out and express their beautiful selves.” – Jenny Yanez

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  1. jthomason on September 22nd, 2017 11:52 am

    Love it!

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Dallas Pride Parade